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Everyday life

Discover objects from the everyday life of Madame Édouard Bolduc.


Leather, metal, glass; 11 x 7,7 x 14,3cm
1931-1932; Canadian Kodak Co Limited
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.104.1-2

The camera is composed of a rectangular box holding a fixed-focus lens, a viewfinder, an up-and-down shutter release on the front, two clips holding the front of the camera to the “darkroom” at the rear, and an arched leather handle. The back side has a small orange plastic window. There is a spool inside.


French only – Attelle – Cuir – 20,5×15 cm – 1984.21.76.1-2 – Musée de la Gaspésie

Cette guêtre orthopédique en cuir qui, une fois enfilée, couvre la moitié du pied et le bas de la jambe, fut utilisée par Madame Bolduc après son accident d’auto en 1937.

Cigarette holder 

Meerschaum, amber, wood; 5 x 11 x2,5cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.22.2.1-3

Pipe-shaped cigarette holder made of meerschaum with a pearly bowl and amber stem. The stem holds a finely carved figure representing the bust of a man with a laurel wreath on his head; the head has a hole bored all the way through. The figure of a woman stands, turned towards the head, peering into the tiny cavity. She is wearing wide-legged pants. The object is kept in its original case of embossed leather; the inside is lined in velvet.

Salt and pepper shakers 

Ceramic; 5,7 x 4,7 cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1992.21.19.1-2

The shakers are decorated with a pattern featuring flowers and birds. The base is slightly wavy, somewhat resembling flower petals. The top is rounded. Both objects have the same number of holes in their tops. Each has a fragmented cork plug in the base, with some pieces of cork inside the shaker.  

Under: MADE / IN / JAPAN

Bottle of smelling salts 

Glass, fibre, paper; 10 x 4cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1994.13.23

Green bottle with a stopper topped by a ball. The neck holds a fabric ribbon tied in a bow.

There are still some salts in this bottle. The smelling salts were used to revive Madame Bolduc when she fainted.

Pair of candlesticks 

Brass; 27,5 x 13 x 10,5cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1992.21.24.1-2

Two identical brass candlesticks, geometrical in design.

Dessert plate

Porcelain; 19 x 19cm
Grimwades Ltd.
Donation from Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1993.26.5.10-18

Square white plate with a serrated contour and two green edges. In the center there is a pattern of flowers in shades of pink, white and green.

This dinnerware service of twelve dishes was offered to Madame Bolduc by her children on December 25, 1931. These were used for Sunday suppers and on special occasions. A photograph taken during the celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Mary Travers and Edouard Bolduc, held in the Salon of the Jubilee on August 17, 1939, shows the dessert plates spread out on the table presenting the cake. The couple Travers-Bolduc, in their Sunday best, occupy the place of honor behind this table. 


Iron, plastic; 16 x 27 x 9,9cm
1938 po; Canadian Coleman Company Ldt
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.22.14

Standing on an oval base, the iron has a black handle, a round gas tank with a plug in the middle and a screw to adjust the temperature.

On top: Coleman / INSTANT-LITE / MODEL No. 609 / MADE IN / CANADA; On the adjusting screw: CLOSE

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