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The museum tell you the story
of the Gaspe Peninsula!

Guides, tour operators and travel agents, rest assured: at the museum passionate people are ready and waiting to give your clientele an unforgettable experience!

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Our permanent exhibitions

Where Worlds Meet

30 December - 2021
The Gaspé Peninsula is often referred to as “the end of the land”. Or, according to the Mi'gmaq term Gespeg, “land's end”. But the Gaspé Peninsula has long been connected to the outside world. The Gaspé Peninsula witnessed the beginnings of life on land, the great discoveries, and the colonial wars between the French and the British. And what if the Gaspé Peninsula was not the end of the land? The sea is what links all these separate parts, all these small and large “land’s ends”. Where Worlds Meet, let the Gaspesie carry you away.

The deep blue sea

30 November - 2021
The deep blue sea is the history of the Gaspé told through fifteen sailing vessels, from the drakkars of the Vikings to the seafaring canoes of the Mi’gmaq to Gaspésiennes. It is also the life journey of people of the sea: cod fishers, whalers and captains.

Welcome aboard! (high season)

18 November - 2021
La Gaspésienne no 20 est un authentique bateau de pêche à la morue de 60 pieds, installé sur le site du Musée de la Gaspésie et restauré par la communauté. Le visiteur pourra monter à bord et y vivre une expérience de réalité virtuelle (360 degré) à la rencontre d’un authentique pêcheur de morue. Une expérience tout à fait unique!

Discover the outdoor site!

16 September - 2021-16 September - 2023
Take a selfie at the foot of a replica of the “thirty-foot cross” bearing the coat of arms of the King of France, erected by Jacques Cartier in 1534. #MG1534