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About the Museum

Mission statement

To promote the cultural heritage and identity of the Gaspé Peninsula, the museum has chosen as its mission to… 

  • Encourage the appreciation and further the knowledge of the heritage and history of the Gaspé Peninsula;
  • Organize activities designed to conserve, research, promote and disseminate the region’s heritage and history;
  • Study the cultural diversity of the Gaspé Peninsula inhabitants and raise public awareness thereof;
  • Respect the territorial diversity of the area by ensuring the museum’s presence throughout the Gaspé Peninsula;
  • Center all museum actions on the needs and expectations of the communities situated within the Gaspé Peninsula;
  • Encourage networking and discussion with partners in the Gaspé Peninsula museum and heritage network.
  • Contribute to the spreading of knowledge about the Gaspé Peninsula’s unique history and heritage within the region and beyond;
  • Open a window to the world for the population of the Gaspé Peninsula by facilitating access to cultural products from outside the region;
  • Encourage efforts to conserve our heritage, contribute to our collective culture and make accessible the collections acquired by and donated to the museum; and
  • Promote the Gaspé Peninsula heritage.

Annual reports (in french)

Rapport annuel 2019

Rapport annuel 2018

Rapport annuel 2017

Rapport annuel 2016


  • 1962 : Founding of the Société historique de la Gaspésie
  • 1963 : Creation of the Revue d'histoire de la Gaspésie (nowadays Magazine Gaspésie)
  • 1977 : Opening of the Musée de la Gaspésie
  • 1982 : Inauguration of the national historic site : the Monument à Jacques-Cartier, created by Pierre and Jean-Julien Bourgault-Legros
  • 1990 : Approval of the Archives Center
  • 2009 : Expansion of the Museum
  • 2010 : Establishment of BAnQ Gaspé in the Museum
  • 2012 : Inauguration of En mémoire d'Elle created by Renée Mao Clavet
  • 2016 : Opening of the Gaspésienne no 20
  • 2017 : Inauguration of the Jules-Bélanger room in the Archives Center

Recent honours and awards

  • Tribute award from the SODEP to Jean-Marie Fallu for the Magazine Gaspésie (2019)
  • Canadian Senate 150th Anniversary Medal (2018)
  • New Media Award of Outstanding Achievement of the Canadian Museums Association for the virtual reality film Gaspésienne no 20 (2018)
  • Excellence Award of the Société des musées du Québec for the virtual reality film Gaspésienne no 20 (2017)
  • Digital cultural award Technocentre TIC from Culture Gaspésie for the virtual reality film Gaspésienne no 20 (2017)
  • Gérard-Morisset Award from the governement of Quebec awarded to Jules Bélanger (2016)
  • Governor General’s History Awards for Excellence in Community Programming for the project Tout un héritage! (2015)
  • Regional Award, Grands prix du tourisme québécois for the Magazine Gaspésie (2014)