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Gaspésienne no 20

Gaspésienne no 20

Gaspésienne no 20

Come aboard the Gaspésienne no 20, an authentic cod fishing boat! Make yourself comfortable in the captain’s seat, take a look in the fish hold and visit the crew’s quarters where the fishermen used to eat and sleep… all of this, outdoors, on the shore of the magnificent Gaspé Bay. 

The Gaspésienne no 20 is the only historic fishing vessel you can visit in the region. A rare survivor of its generation, it has had a thorough make-over and now looks just like it did. Thanks to a community effort in the summer of 2016, the boat has been restored to its original colours and once again has all the gear it needs to go cod fishing.

And when your visit is over, prolong the experience by watching our virtual reality film!

Permanent exhibition - June to October

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This project was accomplished with the financial participation of: