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Visitor guide

Visitor guide

Visitor guide

Upon arrival, please ring the bell if the door is locked. A guide will welcome you and will explain the rules to follow.

Upon entering the museum please use the hand sanitizer located on your left.

Throughout your visit follow the blue stickers and arrows.

There is a hand sanitizer station located at the entrance of each exhibition.

Avoid all contact with modules, displays and objects. All touch screens and interactive zones have been withdrawn.

Be respectful of other visitors and stay 2 meters away.

Masks will be mandatory for everyone 12 years and over beginning July 18, 2020.

Our guides will wear a visor and / or a mask.

You may use the toilets before or after your visit.

Please inform your guide if you have symptoms during your visit.

At the end of your visit you may buy a souvenir at the boutique (discount of 10% or 20% for members).

To protect our employees, the boutique only accepts debit and credit cards. No cash.

Upon leaving the museum follow the arrows back to the lower or upper parking lot.