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​Madame Bolduc, road show - Exhibition

​Madame Bolduc, road show - Exhibition

​Madame Bolduc, road show - Exhibition

Madame Bolduc, road show 

Take a trip back into the glorious era of the road shows performed by La Bolduc, the Gaspesian who touched the hearts of so many people. Explore her fascinating history by discovering the photos and unusual objects of the woman who recorded nearly 100 songs and sold thousands of records. Accompany Madame Bolduc from her dressing room to the stage, radio studies and theatres.

La Bolduc, mouth music from the good old days

Through this immersive exhibit, dip into the memories of Mary Travers, La Bolduc, and experience some of the pivotal moments in her life. It’s literally a step back into the 1930s! We dare you to try and sing some of her signature mouth music.
Exhibition from June 15, 2018 to March 31, 2019


Madame Bolduc, circa 1930.
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