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Ordre de la Gaspésie

Ordre de la Gaspésie

Ordre de la Gaspésie

Through its activities and to fulfill its mission, Musée de la Gaspésie seeks to strengthen and promote the Gaspesian identity. By creating the Ordre de la Gaspésie, the museum has given itself an additional means to celebrate Gaspesian identity, thus rounding out the range of activities it organises to conserve, promote and disseminate the Gaspesian heritage. The Order gives the museum the opportunity to show that a community’s wealth is embodied by living individuals who keep it current through their endeavours.

People who are inducted into the Order are first recommended by the individual regional county municipalities who are invited to propose an individual residing in their territory who has earned distinction in a given area of activity connected to life in the region – culture, society, community, science, sports, politics or the economy.

The 2016 recipients 

MRC of the Haute-GaspésieMRC of the Côte-de-GaspéMRC of Rocher-PercéMRC of Avignon

J.-Augustin Saint-Laurent
Fabien Sinnett
André Beaudin
Jules Bélanger

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