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Games for children

Games for children

Games for Children

Amuse Personnage  

A Second World War soldier? A famous aviator? A Mi’gmaq? A popular singer? What do all these individuals have in common? Do you know? Through their actions or work, each has influenced the history of the Gaspé Peninsula. Amuse Personnage is a unique and enjoyable game that invites you to encounter 12 Gaspesians and through them, learn more about the history of the Gaspé Peninsula. The mobile app, Amuse Personnage, is an interactive game you can play on an iPad (available at the reception desk).


Fishing for words

This game takes visitors through the exhibition Gaspésie... A Grand Journey!, helping them to learn more about the marine animals, shipwrecks, legends, typical Peninsula boats and the history of the Gaspé displayed on the walls. Flashlight in hand, children can find the clues that will help them discover the mystery word. Ask for information at the reception desk.