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Primary school

The Embark on history educational program features activities that are both instructive and fun, tailored to the students’ academic progress. Through these educational workshops devoted entirely to learning about Gaspesian history, the Musée de la Gaspésie hopes to offer a concrete way to achieve the various competencies related to the social universe. In addition, we offer suggestions for pre- and post-visit activities to help students to make the most of their visit – the first, to arouse their interest and the second, to help them integrate newly acquired knowledge.

Practical information

Fee: $5.25 per student
Add $2.50 per student to watch a virtual reality film!

Free for accompanying teachers and parents

Need a place to have lunch?
We can provide a space for a snack or lunch, subject to availability. During the summer months, picnic tables are available outside.

Katherine Yockell

Education coordinator

(418) 368-1534 extension 109

A pirate at the museum! – Preschool

Scoundrel the Pirate has heard there are some extremely valuable items in the Museum’s collections, real TREASURES! While exploring the museum, she found a chest containing some strange things! She needs the kids’ help to identify them and figure out what they’re for! Might these be the Museum’s famous treasures?

This exploration activity, which combines storytelling and crafts, gives children their first contact with ancient objects and introduces them to the principles of museum conservation in a fun way. Guided by Scoundrel the Pirate, they discuss these objects, their usefulness and their value.

Grab your magnifying glasses, detectives! – Primary school, first cycle

Help! Some little rascal has had fun mixing up dozens of old photos that haven’t been dated yet! Become apprentice detectives and ferret out clues to solve the enigma of the mysterious undated photos…

This activity gives students the opportunity to establish a first contact with archival photography and to become familiar with this medium that bears witness to other times and ways of life. They come into contact with authentic archival documents from the collections of the Musée de la Gaspésie (1880 to the present), illustrating familiar themes: streets, homes, families, schools, churches, shops, transportation on land and on water.

Between forest and sea – Primary school, second cycle

Are you ready for an unforgettable expedition? In this role-playing game, you will play the role of a Gaspesian coureur des bois, an outlaw character who experiences a thousand and one adventures! You need to be determined and resourceful to embark on this Gaspesian expedition in the wilderness. Do you dare?

 School groups now have the opportunity to take part in a true obstacle course, regardless of the season. Between Forest and Sea is a brand-new expedition that presents an original facet of Gaspesian history: the illicit fur trade. Taking on the role of coureurs des bois, students will set out on an adventure on the Museum’s grounds. Trading European products and animal skins, crossing enemy territory, carrying a canoe, dealing with the postmaster… we’ve got quite an adventure in store for students!

On the trail of the Mi’gmaq – Primary school, second cycle

Do you know the first inhabitants of the Gaspé Peninsula? The Mi’gmaq? Discover the fascinating history of this Gaspesian native community through real Mi’gmaq artifacts! Some are unusual, others ingenious, but all bear witness to a unique know-how!

Through an interactive presentation in the exhibition Where worlds meet, the facilitator leads the students to question themselves about the Mi’gmaq, their traditional way of life, their presence on the Gaspé Peninsula and their own unique characteristics. The activity is followed by an association game that invites students to link objects from the traditional Mi’gmaq way of life with objects that evoke our way of life today.