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Primary school

The Embark on history and A museum in my suitcase educationals programs features activities that are both instructive and fun, tailored to the students’ academic progress. Through these educational workshops devoted entirely to learning about Gaspesian history, the Musée de la Gaspésie hopes to offer a concrete way to achieve the various competencies related to the social universe. In addition, we offer suggestions for pre- and post-visit activities to help students to make the most of their visit – the first, to arouse their interest and the second, to help them integrate newly acquired knowledge.

Katherine Yockell

Cultural mediation manager

(418) 368-1534 extension 109

Mission artefactPrimary school, second cycle

The Musée de la Gaspésie is coming to your school!

The first part of the travelling educational program, A Museum in my suitcase, MISSION ARTEFACT recruits students to join the secret Musée de la Gaspésie team. Together with Marine Pégassie, they help find and repatriate three Gaspesian artefacts that are scattered around the globe. However, the task will not be easy, because the criminal organisation, SPOILER, has sent their two best agents in pursuit of these same artefacts. By doing real research and using their historical knowledge and logic, participants can complete their mission successfully.

Packed into a shipping case, this educational kit travels around the Gaspé Peninsula. It holds everything you need to explore the full magic of this high-tech educational program. The case contains a computer, a projector and a motion sensor that, once activated, projects an interactive image on the floor!

The game lasts from 40 minutes to an hour.
Reservations are required. To obtain a quote, contact the person in charge of the facilitated activities.

This project was accomplished with the financial participation of:


Between forest and sea – Primary school, second cycle

Are you ready for an unforgettable expedition? In this role-playing game, you will play the role of a Gaspesian coureur des bois, an outlaw character who experiences a thousand and one adventures! You need to be determined and resourceful to embark on this Gaspesian expedition in the wilderness. Do you dare?

School groups now have the opportunity to take part in a true obstacle course, regardless of the season. Between Forest and Sea is a brand-new expedition that presents an original facet of Gaspesian history: the illicit fur trade. Taking on the role of coureurs des bois, students will set out on an adventure on the Museum’s grounds. Trading European products and animal skins, crossing enemy territory, carrying a canoe, dealing with the postmaster… we’ve got quite an adventure in store for students!

Fee: $5.25 per student
Free for accompanying teachers and parents