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Secondary school

The Embark on history program features activities that are both instructive and fun, tailored to the students’ academic progress. Through these educational workshops devoted entirely to learning about Gaspesian history, the Musée de la Gaspésie hopes to offer a concrete way to achieve the various competencies related to the social universe. In addition, we offer suggestions for pre- and post-visit activities to help students to make the most of their visit – the first, to arouse their interest and the second, to help them integrate newly acquired knowledge.

Fee: $5.25 per student
Add $2.50 per student to watch a virtual reality film!

Free for accompanying teachers and parents

Need a place to have lunch?
We can provide a space for a snack or lunch, subject to availability. During the summer months, picnic tables are available outside.


Katherine Yockell

Cultural mediation manager

(418) 368-1534 extension 109

The Court of History – Secondary school, first cycle

Who discovered the Gaspé Peninsula? This is a question that has caused much debate amongst historians. To resolve this crucial question, we invite students to take part in a Court of History to unmask the true discoverer of the Gaspé Peninsula and do that person or persons justice. Through this activity, students will identify three “discoverers” who, each in their own way, “discovered” the Gaspé Peninsula: the Mi’gmaq, European fishermen and Jacques Cartier. By exploring the permanent exhibition, they will have to gather as much evidence as possible to defend the cause of their explorers. Then, they will put their analytical skills into practice by pleading the case of their respective discoverers.